Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ricky's Urban Diner 2006-06-14

Moving right along (well, we'll step back to the BubbleTea House next entry) brings us to Ricky's Urban Diner at the corner of 20th and Lonsdale. We are skipping Dirty Ron's 'cause I don't see any need to review a mega franchise...

Ricky's Urban Diner is one of those local franchises that you'll find all over the lower mainland (and other parts of Canada). Kinda like White Spot. We've been here several times and always enjoyed ourselves. The classic diner motif and rock'n'roll on the juke box is just plain fun. The food is always decent and the service good. Plus they are really kid friendly with a great kids menu and a basket of toys for the wee ones to pick from after the meal.

When we arrived we were quickly shown to our table and offered to order drinks. I ordered an Okanagan Springs pale ale for myself and apple juice for Tristan. As usual the drinks were promptly brought out and we placed our food order. At first Tristan wanted macaroni and cheese, but quickly changed his mind when I informed him that there were mussels on the menu. For myself I ordered the Mighty Mushroom Burger (queue cheesy monster truck ad effects) - it is a diner, after all. While waiting for the food Tristan suddenly disappeared under the table. Things were getting awfully quiet, so I checked up on him only to learn that he was busy picking some gum off the underside of the table! Ugh... Four year olds... He absolutely denied having put any of it in his mouth, so I gave him the standard lecture about "gum & germs". Yes... I remember getting mine almost forty years ago...

When the food showed up we dug in heartily. The french fries at Ricky's always remind me of the french fries they used to serve at Spanish Banks and Locarno beaches in the summer (and may well still, I haven't been there in a long time). Smell is one of those great triggers of memories, and I was certainly enjoying mine. The burger was big and sloppy, just the way I like 'em, and the mussels very tasty.

While we were eating a couple of police officers showed up and sat at the booth next to us. Of course what four year old can resist that! As soon as the last mussel was consumed Tristan excused himself and hopped off the bench to say hello. Soon after the waitress showed up with the toys and, despite my efforts to get him to select the Groucho Glasses he instead selected a little pinball toy.

Ricky's Urban Diner is at 1995 Lonsdale Avenue at the corner of 20th St. There is parking in the back if you can't find it on the street.

LERS Score: 6 (Definitely) - This is a great family restaurant.


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