Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Gen Sushi - 2006-08-16

Yet another sushi bar. Actually, sushi will be a recurring theme of this blog as there are a ton of sushi restaurants along Lonsdale. Of course the one I'm looking forward to the most is Sushi and Pizza down by Keith Rd, but that's for another day (and at the rate we're going, another year!).

When we got to Gen Sushi this evening the restaurant was about half full and it was easy to get a table. That did not last long. It filled up quickly, which is always a good sign. The inside of Gen Sushi is... well... it reminded me of some small town Chinese restaurants I've visited in the past. Very sparse and almost cafeteria like. Fortunately the service was attentive and friendly and the food was good.

Shortly after ordering our drinks Tristan announced he needed to go to the washroom. I asked the waitress where it was and she helpfully pointed out that it was down the hall past the kitchen. As we wandered past the food prep areas I was pleased to note the general cleanliness and sense of organisation despite the cramped quarters.

For dinner we started with the sake (salmon) and maguro (tuna) sashimi. The slices were generous and thick and definitely fresh. Tristan gobbled up six of the ten pieces... good thing I love him! We also ordered several pieces of saba (mackerel, which is my favourite), six ebi (prawns, which are Tristan's favourite), tobiko (flying fish eggs), unagi (eel) and a really tasty scallop roll. To drink I had a large Sapporo draft. Tristan tried the unagi and the saba and liked it so much we ordered pieces of each for him. As we were finishing off dinner we decided to order a bento box and dynamite roll to go for Kristin. In character they got the to-go package and the bill to us quickly, and I was quite pleased at the price.

The competition for sushi in Vancouver is very high, with a sushi bar on just about every corner. I would happily go back to Gen Sushi, although given the choice there are other places I would likely go to first.

Gen Sushi is at 1933 Lonsdale Avenue, a couple of doors down from Panago.

LERS Score: 5 (Probably)


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