Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Panago Pizza - 2006-08-02

Panago Pizza is a large chain of pizza joints in Canada. Like Bella Pizza we've ordered pizza from the Panago on Lonsdale several times. I was hoping they would have a decent seating area to enjoy our pizza but, like so many pizza places these days, this was not to be the case.

We headed over in the Prius and parked across the street. Getting pictures of the restaurants on the west side of Lonsdale is getting a bit challenging with the sun setting behing them... anyway, I dared a wander into the middle of the street to snap a shot of the sign, then headed on in.

The inside is clean and spartan. There are a few funky bar seats at the front window where, if you have no where to go or the rain is coming down too hard, one can sit and eat. We ordered a Primo Shrimp pizza and a bottle of San Pellegrino to go and headed out to eat. Tristan wanted to go to a park so we drove up Lonsdale to Osborne where you'll find Clarisbrooke Park. We sat at a picnic table, opened up our flat box full o' food and chowed down.

I gotta say, I really like Panago pizza and the Prima Shrimp is one of my favourites. Tristan, who is always game for sea food, gobbled down a couple of slices then politely excused himself and ran over to the playground. Ah, yes, I remember the days when I was able to eat and play like that without losing my meal!

Panago Lonsdale is at 1981 Lonsdale Ave just south of 19th avenue. Call 604-310-0001 for delivery.

LERS Score: 4 (For Take Out)


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