Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sai Kor - 2006-09-06

No MSG... Cool.

The adventure continues with our first Chinese restaurant. I have a soft spot for Chinese restaurants. I'll never forget when I was a kid and we were driving back from somewhere in the interior. It was getting late and, for whatever reason, we were coming in on the Lougheed Highway. I seem to recall Dad just "preferred it". Anyway, we were in Mission and hungry and we stopped at the local Chinese restaurant. I remember Dad saying that "Every small town's got a good Chinese restaurant". I also remember enjoying that meal as much as any I have since.

Sai Kor reminded me of that place. Well, truth be told it reminded me of most Chinese restaurants. A huge menu with a bunch of the standard sweetandsourlemonblackbeanszechuanhoneygarlic porkchickenbeefseafoodvegetablechowmeinandrice creations plus a few chef specials set in a room of sparse decor (except for the divider from the kitchen which was a big rice paper styled wall) and naugahide padded chairs. When we walked in the place was extremely quiet. I wasn't sure it was even open until a lady approached us. I had the feeling she was one half of the proprietership. I never saw the other half... he was busy in the kitchen.

We ordered up our food, enough for ourselves and some to take home for Kristin. Prawn Chop Suey (to feed Tristan's prawn habit), Beef & Broccoli, Mushroom Fried Rice and Honey Garlic Chicken Balls plus a Kokanee beer for me and apple juice for the boy. The juice came in a box. The beer in a bottle. I thought I was going to have to drink it from the bottle when she returned with a glass and offered it to me.

Things were looking up...

Soon a couple of pretty gruff looking white guys showed up. They were obviously regulars - they didn't even need the menu. They were reading the North Shore News to each other while they waited for their food; some review of a pizza restaurant with a relationship to boxing. Anyway, they ended up being the only other patrons the whole time we were there.

Amidst a shuffle of slippers the food showed up and we dug in. Everything was perfect. A little greasy (as good Chinese food should be, IMHO) and very flavourful. In particular the Honey Garlic Chicken Balls were deep fried goodness that, if given the chance, I would live on. Well, at least for a day or two.

Anyway, the impression I had was that this restaurant really specializes in the "Lunch Crowd". I sure hope so. If their business is as slow as it was this Wednesday night then they won't last long. Would I come back? Perhaps for lunch, definitely for take out.

Sai Kor Restaurant is at 1927 Lonsdale Avenue between 19th and 20th. They do free home delivery on a minimum $12 order within a 5 km radius. Call 604-988-6800.

LERS Score: 4 (For Take Out)